VPN Instructions for CCTS Users

CCTS VPN Instructions

The instructions below replace any existing instructions prior to 07 February 2011. You must be a member of the VPN group. If you are not sure if you have access please contact support.

a. Click on the Start (or Windows) button on the toolbar at the bottom of the page and click on Programs then Accessories.

b. Click on Remote Desktop Connection and another window will open. Type in ts.compchoice.com as the “Computer:” field and your network user name proceeded by COMPCHOICE\ and click connect. Your username will be case sensitive. The first letter of your first and last name will be capitalized, unless you have other capital letters in your name (i.e., Hazel.Nut). Then those letters would also need to be capitalized. (If you can’t locate the Remote Desktop Connection under Accessories, click on Start, Click on Run, type in mstsc and click OK)

c. Type in your CompCHOICE password.

To Disconnect:

Log-off from your CompCHOICE screen.