VPN Instructions for CTWeb Users

SonicWALL VPN instructions

The instructions below replace any existing instructions prior to 10 July 2010. You must be a member of the VPN group. If you are not sure if you have access please contact support.

Windows XP, 7 with Internet Explorer 6 and higher

1. Add https://webvpn.compchoice.com to the Trusted sites zone.

a. Click on the link above or open Internet Explorer and type in the address https://webvpn.compchoice.com/

b. Click on Tools and Internet Options

c. Click on the Security tab

d. Click to highlight Trusted sites

e. Click on the Sites button below

f. You should see the url https://webvpn.compchoice.com/ in the Sites dialog box, Click Add and Close

g. Click OK to close Internet Options

h. Follow the same steps to add the secondary url ( to the Trusted sites

i. Click Continue to this website (not recommended) to continue to login

2. Log on to the SSLVPN

a. At the initial screen you will need to click the link for sslvpn login (See image below)

b. You will be redirected to the login screen Note if certificate warning comes up again Click Continue to this website (not recommended).

c. Your username will be case sensitive. The first letter of your first and last name will be capitalized, unless you have other capital letters in your name (i.e., Hazel.Nut). Then those letters would also need to be capitalized.

d. After logging in, the NetExtender client will need to be installed on your computer, this is an ActiveX installation so you will be presented with the yellow bar in Internet Explorer. Click the yellow bar and choose install this Add-on. Once the Add-on is activated you will be able to install client. This process will only need to be done once on every new computer you use to access the CompChoice network. See image below

Internet Explorer ActiveX installation bar

3. Install NetExtender

a. Click on the NetExtender button

b. The installation will begin. No input is required during the installation however you may be prompted by your Operating System to proceed. Click on Yes to proceed and Install even if the Operating System cannot verify the signer.

c. After the installation you will be required to reboot your computer.

4. Connecting to the VPN and CompCHOICE

a. After restarting your computer, double click the “N” icon on your desktop or right click on the “N” icon in the toolbar (bottom of screen) to open the NetExtender login window.

Alternatively, you can go to Start, click on Programs, look through the list for SonicWall, click on it and then click on SonicWall NetExtender.

b. Type in your username, first letter of first and last name need to be capitalized, i.e., Hazel.Nut

c. Type in your CompCHOICE password

d. Click on Connect and after a few seconds you should see this window. You may click on the red X to close the screen but you will remain connected.

e. Next click on the Start (or Windows) button on the toolbar at the bottom of the page and click on Programs then Accessories.

f. Click on Remote Desktop Connection and another window will open. Make sure ctweb (lower case or capitals, it doesn’t matter) is listed in the “Computer:” field and click connect. (If you can’t locate the Remote Desktop Connection under Accessories, click on Start, Click on Run, type in mstsc and click OK)

To Disconnect:

Log-off from your CompCHOICE screen.

Double Click or right click the “N” in your toolbar (bottom of the screen) and click disconnect from the SonicWall.