January 02, 2015 - Inclement Weather

The weatherman says there is a possibility of some freezing precipitation on Thursday (the 1st) and possibly lingering on into Friday (the 2nd).  In the event we have a significant icing event on Friday that would prevent employees from safely traveling to work, we will disregard our internal policy regarding no holiday pay when an unexcused absence occurs the day before or the day following a paid holiday.   However, if this is a minor event that would allow for your safe travel to the office by mid-morning,  we will need to continue with existing policy.  If you do not come in on Friday and the roads are deemed in working order you can use you vacation time in lieu of holiday pay for 1/1/2015.  Those that have the ability to work from home should be able to work regardless of the weather conditions.  In short,  whether our policy regarding holiday pay is enforced or not on this occasion is dependent on the severity of the storm and whether the roads are clear enough on Friday by mid–morning that would allow them to start if necessary.  Please remember that CompCHOICE does not close in inclement weather, we still need to keep operations going for clients and patients.  Please get with your supervisor if you have any questions.