A Solution for Oklahoma’s Workers’ Comp Challenges

Workers’ Compensation continues to challenge Oklahoma business owners. Between high rates and a challenging court system, employers are understandably frustrated. While reform legislation is pending, employers need to take control by utilizing everything available to them NOW to lower their total Workers’ Comp costs – regardless of future changes to the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Code.


ChamberSMART is a unique program designed to help business owners control the total costs associated with Workers’ Compensation.

Developed through an exclusive partnership between INSURICA Insurance Management Network, CompCHOICE, and the State Chamber of Oklahoma, this innovative program goes beyond simply “buying insurance” by incorporating a comprehensive risk management strategy to ensure a safe workplace for employees, improve loss experience, and ultimately lower an employer’s total cost of risk.

By leveraging existing Oklahoma managed care statutes, applying risk analysis techniques and implementing a closely monitored safety program, ChamberSMART is the only solution designed specifically to improve the quality of care for employees while allowing Oklahoma business owners to take control of their Workers’ Compensation costs.

The Workers’ Comp Lifecycle

Traditionally, Workers’ Comp has been thought of solely in terms of insurance. While effective insurance placement is important, insurance alone and the continual chasing of “best price” will never assure an employer has the lowest total cost over multiple policy terms. 

ChamberSMART addresses Workers’ Comp from a holistic point of view: providing insurance, implementing controls and managing medical care when claims occur. By integrating each of these components into a comprehensive Workers’ Comp program, business owners will see their total cost of risk decline and their ability to attract and retain the best employees improve significantly.

The ChamberSMART Experience includes the following risk management services:

Implementing a proactive, written Safety Program will help promote a strong safety culture within your company. ChamberSMART begins with a comprehensive risk assessment to analyze and evaluate the strength of your current Safety Program. When additional resources are needed, participants have access to a wide variety of safety-related materials, including:

  • Employee Safety Manuals
  • Safety Incentive Programs
  • Safety Budget Worksheets
  • Safety Newsletters
  • Safety Presentations
  • Fleet Safety Manuals

Employers in Oklahoma have the right to utilize a Certified Workplace Medical Plan (CWMP) to manage Workers’ Compensation claims after accidents or injuries occur.  In addition to the control this gives employers, a CWMP delivers proven and effective cost control measures while ensuring prompt, appropriate and quality medical care is provided to injured workers through a state-wide network administered by CompCHOICE. Key components of this program include:

  • Utilization of aggressive case management, application of national evidence-based treatment protocols and a focused network of top-tier medical providers ensure all medical care is provided in a timely, efficient and effective manner.
  • Indemnity costs are carefully controlled by minimizing unnecessary delays in the treatment process and by working closely with employers to develop and implement effective Return to Work (RTW) programs.
  • An alternative Dispute Resolution process is provided as an integral part of the CWMP and must be exhausted before parties have access to the court.  Most issues can be quickly and satisfactorily resolved through this process – avoiding unnecessary legal costs and delays.

Finally, as directed by the insurance carrier, fraud is aggressively investigated and pursued to the full extent of the law, including close coordination with the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office as appropriate.

It is crucial for employers to understand how past claims affect their experience modifiers and the premiums they pay.  Each chamberSMART participant receives an analysis exhibiting their minimum potential experience modifier, as well as the impact of individual claims on their experience rating and premium. Through this analysis, we are able to identify key areas to focus Safety and Loss Control.

The insurance component of ChamberSMART accesses AIG, CNA, and CompSource Oklahoma to provide employers with the best options available. Chosen for their commitment to the program, INSURICA’s relationship with these insurance companies gives ChamberSMART participants choices for their Workers’ Comp insurance.

There is no Quick Fix

ChamberSMART is not for every employer. There is no quick fix to Workers’ Compensation.  This program employs a team approach and relies on the employer’s active involvement and commitment.  For those willing to join the ChamberSMART team, control is finally in sight.

Make the smart choice. ChamberSMART.